Author: Camelia Angelkova Watch it on Amazon: Or read below for more information, check out all the photos from the book and watch the video flip through! Features of this book:50 original hippo mandalas with floral, wire, and elegant abstract elements! pages: 110 pages Number of mandalas: 50 Many

Features of this book:funny! strange! Nice! breathtaking! 50 unique and amazing designs to choose from! 50 delightful ocean-themed illustrations have been created, as well as many whimsical and tiny scenes under the sea. To keep you happy, worry free, happy, inspired and entertained for hours! perfect for your spare time;

Author: Camelia Angelkova Features of this book:A large group! epic! 50 awesome line drawings!Featuring 50 hand-drawn fantasy art scenes and figures of gorgeous warrior women alone, in battle, riding horses, or in the company of their animal friends! pages: 110 pages – Counting illustrations: 50 50 unique and original hand-drawn

Features of this book: Nice! Entertaining! lovable! My dream! 50 cool and funny hand-drawn pictures to color! 50 fun jungle-themed illustrations, plus many exotic and mini tropical scenes To keep you happy, relaxed and inspired during your free time! Great for your vacation, vacation, or any time you want to

Features of this book:complicated! Rich variety of details and items! Mostly circular mandalas! 50 original mandala designs, It combines many elements of the following types: flowers, swirls, gems, hearts, stars, geometric and abstract shapes! Smaller areas on some mandalas are filled in with black, so you don’t have to worry

Features of this book: breathtaking! Entertaining! curious! 50 cute, whimsical and funny designs to color! 50 entertaining safari themed cartoons, In addition to many small and exotic scenes, featuring many savanna animals to keep you entertained and relaxed! Book features: Funny and cute animals (lions, giraffes, zebras, etc.), African trees

Features of this book:black background! 50 amusing, cool and creative gestures! exceptional! The black backgrounds in this book are used exclusively for the Halloween version of “miniatures”. They add a special “midnight” feel to the festival and are great for coloring and completing your pages faster in no time. Black

  50 christmas elves Back to the coloring books Author: Camelia Angelkova Watch it on Amazon:

Features of this book:Nice! cheerful! festive!50 funny, whimsical and fun handmade designs to color the whole winter season! !!!NB!!! The original price for this book is $4.99 for the United States and between €4 and €5 (and £) for Europe. For other countries, prices are similar. So, if you see

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