I’ve restored and recolored old photos from printable Valentine’s Day paper. Young students can use it to make their own valentines for family and friends. It should not be redistributed from alternative websites. Antique cherubim in pink and red. Red and white cherubim wine. Antique Cherubim are dark red and

This mailbox contains a soccer field, goalposts, and even helmets! Some dolls like Sports and Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft are for those dolls who love soccer. Helmets are generally left out so that readers here can imagine their favorite teams… These little helmets can be found in toy vending machines

The ultimate de-paged mailbox Looks like a wallet. Not only does this purse-shaped valentine box look cute on a shelf in a doll’s house, but it would also look great with a spring or summer fashion show. Hum…we’ll need to think about that. Support list: Recycled paper egg cartons for

Supplies for the following doll-sized desserts include: Easter bunting paper, blow molding paints, Sculpey (oven-bake clay), white school glue, cardboard, a mini carrot mold (optional), and an assortment of acrylic paints. On the left, Easter eggs have been printed on scrapbook paper. center of the eggs. Right, an 18-inch Easter

John Mackie’s mechanical paper dolls for Easter party. Cheerful little creatures sing in the garden while the Easter Bunny drives. Follow the instructions below to get this paper doll game moving. Step by step instructions for the game: Pin the page to the cardboard about the thickness of a postcard.

This printable is for young students to craft their own valentines for dolls, friends, accessories, etc… It is a restored, colorful work by Cathy Grimm and should not be redistributed by alternative blogs or websites. This sheet of printable graphics features the text “Valentine’s Day Gifts” for doll-sized candy boxesAnd

Traditional Valentine’s Day mailboxes With arrows and hearts. Two versions of this classic Valentine’s Day theme: a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day mailbox with an arrow shot through the lid and a quiver with two arrows affixed to the outside of it. Supply List for Stock Through the Heart: Pre-purchased Valentine’s Day

This undersea animal is made the same way I would for a larger version if I attached it to a recycled cereal box, except I made it here in miniature. Students don’t really need a pattern to make an octopus because the arms don’t have to be exactly the same

The king thinks of the best way to choose a wife. How the King Chose His Wife, Adele Barney Wilson Some ages ago, a dozen, perhaps. In a faraway land not on our maps, There lived a young king whose fortunes were greatness He was only surpassed by his youthful

Fairytale land at the end of the world country fair,Forests, mountains and valleys.And the wizard who lives in a tower there,Sitting spinning talesOf gossamer belt lighter than air,burst there on scented storms– From the charming, enchanting glow of the East,Of haunted and gloomy mansionsFair old stories of princes and ladiesand