Rain and girl with umbrella coloring page

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The best downloadable and printable rain and girl with umbrella coloring page 2022

rain and girl with umbrella coloring page. An umbrella is a kind of accessory that is generally used for protection from rain and sun. The first use of the parachute in history was found in Mesopotamia. In those days, umbrellas were used to protect from the sun. Later, ca. The umbrella, which was used in ancient Egypt around 1200 BC, was believed to have a protective feature according to ancient Egyptian beliefs. The canopy, which began to appear in Roman culture in the following dates, passed into Roman culture from ancient Egypt. Umbrellas were also seen in Greek culture. It is known that the first society to use the umbrella to protect itself from the rain were the Chinese. Unlike umbrellas made of paper and papyrus in Western cultures, the Chinese made umbrellas made of waterproof paper with resin.

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