a little bit of heaven On Mother Earth’s warm chest Draws bees from a distance fulfill their quest. Baby-Blue-Eyes up close. Baby-Blue-Eyes has several Californian sisters. Most of them look like her. Their color is different, but their shape is the same. They have honey trails, honey receptacles, and hair

Hollyhock, scent laden, Curtsies cheerfully to the breeze. Those old gossip come alive To spread the word among the bees When Poppies and Buttercups, Cream Cups, and Baby-Blue-Eyes all color the fields, you see pink spots here and there. Then, you know Wild Hollyhock has come to town. Its color

Buttercup Landby Rose Henderson Come, little girl in the new blue dress,Let’s take a walk next to the big round rockThis lies by the soft warm sandThis leads to the edge of Buttercup Land. There are no crosswords in Buttercup Land, But flies and cockroaches and bees and birds, And

Rose, when you’re bored of bloomingBy Mary Caroline Davies I’m glad there are roses, roses,Are you happy with me?I wonder if the rose is assumingAnyone can beVery pleased with it? The rose is happy with the sun, rain and bees. I’m happy with dolls and hats And swing between our

Your dolls can send a beautiful flower postcard to their family and friends through Dolly Mail This set includes: old roses, crocuses, daisies, cornflowers, carnations, heliotropes, mums, rhododendrons, verbena, apple buds, tulips and hyacinths. For personal use only. Do not resell or redistribute.

Diagram of the parts of a flower. parts of a flower CALYX is the outer cup. Hold the flower comfortably. SEPALS WAS WEAVING STRONG To keep cool and damp. Corolla is the colored part This rejoices every heart like a child. Petals wave on the breeze To call butterflies and

a little bit of heavenOn Mother Earth’s tender breast,with a shy welcome smile,It rewards our relentless pursuit. Are there any of you children who wouldn’t rejoice at the first blue baby girl you find in the spring? Are you ever tired of this delicious flower? Even if you lived next

A pastoral scene that pleases the eye –Soft cattle, still ewes, with lambkins drink, And the pannequins crowded on the hills Filled with Jersey Fairy Flora. A small cousin of the poppy is a cup of cream. You and I might think it doesn’t look much like its brighter cousin,

i’m a california kid, The sun was born under the sun and the bright sky. Opening the heart is Azhari, Everyone who loves will find a place here. Poppy field in California. California kids know the poppy as well as the buttercup. They saw it rush after the first fall

buttercup and chamomile, Oh! the beautiful flowers Coming before spring To talk about sunny hours.Mary Howitt. Does your grandmother sing you that song? “Buttercups and chamomiles, oh! Beautiful flowers…” my father sang when I was a little girl. He learned it from his grandmother. For many years our people have