Elderly doll immigrants from France, then Ellis Island to the United States. This photo was taken of Grandma and Grandpa Dole on Ellis Island just moments after they arrived in this country. They dressed as they were dressed in France. Grandmother wears a white bonnet, black satin waist, checkered skirt,

Early mass-produced dolls were sometimes called “Topsy” in reference to Topsy-Turvy Dolls that have two faces, one above the skirt and the other below. The above doll is not But upside down. It is made from configuration. Her braids are interconnected holes in her head. Her checkered blouse was most

Peggy dressed up for a winter adventure has already had an accident.  This is Peggy. She is crying real tears. But no wonder she cries. She was riding when her sled hit a bump and bounced into the snow unnoticed. Sue, the girl who was painting the sleigh, didn’t see

Life is Like a Doll by Katie Cruz Frau Kathe Kruse is a German woman who can make dolls out of cotton and cloth that look very much like real babies. Jokerel is one of them. Frau Kruse started making dolls years ago for her little girl. The first doll

I gave this doll to a friend named James for his fifth birthday. James had a lot of fun with him from the start. The two often went together. When James started at school and learned to draw, paste and cut, he made a little stage for his dolls. Now

Barbara wears comfortable slip-ons. She looks like a little red bird in a red jumpsuit, gloves and a red hat. Really, though, you should be wearing over-the-knee boots instead of rubber ones. The cute dog with her is Rin Tin. Named after the movie’s dog.

Pat loves to play with her dog in the snow! Pat for short! Patricia for a long time! This is the name of this doll. She was given the name because it is an Irish name and she has Irish blue eyes and brown hair like many Irish children. The

Bobby doll name with his furry friend. Bobby is a great fellow. So handsome. He has blue, blue eyes and blonde hair It does not go out of order. He is painted on his head. He didn’t get his cheeks flushed from drinking milk. His skin came out of a

Mildred dresses the way little girls dressed their dolls in 1894. She wears twice as many clothes as dolls today. First, she wears a woolen union suit; Panties and panties, white woolen underskirt, petticoats, woolen dress, apron, cape, hood, knitted stockings and high buttoned boots.

Paula is the name of this brown-haired doll. She was wearing a costume made for her at Christmas 1916. She had just entered her teens then, so she was dressed as a teenage girl. Her coat is white corduroy. Her little wrist watch was a Christmas present in 1914. It