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Features of this book:
complicated! Rich variety of details and items! Mostly circular mandalas!

  • 50 original mandala designs, It combines many elements of the following types: flowers, swirls, gems, hearts, stars, geometric and abstract shapes! Smaller areas on some mandalas are filled in with black, so you don’t have to worry about small areas. Most of the outlines are made bolder so that the colors stay within the borders.
  • More complexity! Many variations from the most intricate designs to the least, but still intricate! A great choice for those who enjoy beautifully elaborate mandalas, with no too small or tricky (texture kind) elements inside!
  • For alert and calm coloring adventures! This elegant mandala coloring book is perfect for any type of artistic meditation, creative therapy for reduced mental focus or concentration, insomnia, anxiety, boredom, feelings of depression, and more.
  • Mandala printed once: All illustrations in the book are printed on the correct pages.
  • An elegant mandala-themed glossy cover.
  • Standard weight of letter size paper: Dimensions 8.5W x 11.0H (approx. 22″W x 28″H).
  • Recommended for thin pens or pencils. When using gel pens, felt-tip pens, or other acrylic-type media, place blotting paper behind the mandala you’re coloring to prevent bleed-through in the next image.
  • This stylish mandala book might also become a great gift for any artistic person, a perfect accessory for your mandala book collection, or even an item for video flips and reviews!
  • Some small areas are filled with black ink.
  • Some borderlines are bolder than others.
  • No duplicate pages.
  • No ultra-mini interior lines.
  • No paper holes.

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PREVIEW PHOTOS – Click on the photos to download the gallery:

Watch the video flip through below:


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