Molly and the Mouseby Maurine Hathaway Five -year-old MollieWas holding her dollieIn the shade at the side of the house,When what should she spy,In the path running by,But a poor little mite of a mouse. With a wild, frantic shout,Mollie quickly leaped outOf the pathway and ran in a frightTo her mother and cried, “There’s a mousie outside;Get a trap that will catch it to-night.” Mother said, as she smiled,“Why, you dear little child,Mousie never would hurt you a bit,And I’m sure, if you knew,‘Twas more frightened at youThan you could have been frightened at it.” And her words were quite […]

 Miss Mouse Longing Little Miss Mouse Ran through the great house, Coming out in the pantry with satisfied squeak; ”If I had but a pocket,” She sighed, ”I could stock it  With dainties enough to last me a week!” A Happy Family A little white hen, duck, and a mouse, Together they lived in a little white house. The mouse went to market on dark, dark nights, and they ate cake and cheese with keen appetites. They are cheese and cake till the mouse broke his leg, Then the little white hen laid a little white egg. The duck took […]

       A three tiered layer cake decorated for a doll Easter celebration may be crafted using the most ordinary materials found around the house. How it looks in the end will be much determined by the supplies that you can gather.         The tiny ”candy” flowers used in our sample cake were cut from various Fimo flower canes. Alternatively a child could substitute details like these with: buttons, stickers or ribbon flowers. My flowers were already cut and sold in a pack but I will link to this craft from Youtube for those of you who […]

        Elizabeth Hector illustrated children’s books at the turn of the last century. I have restored three of her charming prints in three different sizes for a nursery wall inside of a Victorian dollhouse. Students may print them freely for personal projects only. Enjoy! Victorian creeping cat, lovable sheep and red squirrels – all would look period appropriate in adollhouse nursery!

Left, our 18” doll pets stand five inches tall when seated on their haunches. Right, the doll collars with split rings and dog themed charms.         Does your doll’s pet have a collar to identify who they belong too? These sweet little paper wire collars are as unique to your pet as you would make them. Choose different papers and charms to add one-of-a-kind touches. Supply List: paper covered wire  decorative scrapbook papers white school glue masking tape metal dog charms Split Rings (20mm for dogs 5” tall) Left, paper covered wire frequently used in packing lettuce in […]

        The following clip art is of four paintings by Martin Stainforth. The prints are for student personal use only. If your doll loves horses, you may print and frame these samples below to hang in your dollhouse for fun… Horses in brown, bay and chestnut: some stand in front of fences, others in frontof stables.

  Giving by John Martin Give smiles, and more will come to you;Give help and never trouble.Give joy to others here and there,And yours will surely double. Give of your strength to those with less;Give reverence to sorrow.Give thoughtful gentleness to-day,And then again, to-morrow. Give with an open hand and heart;Give with full faith, believingThat open hands and open heartsAre constantly receiving. Give love to every thought you think,For love is constant giving;Then wait, and watch real riches comeTo all your life and living.

A whale weather vane with wire bent letters for the pretend wind to spin so that the dollhouseresidents know from which direction their breezes and storms are blowing; N for north, S for south, W for west and E for east.         I designed this miniature weather vane for my daughter’s thrifty dollhouse flip. You will need a few supplies to make one like it: Sculpey, cereal box cardboard, masking tape, white school glue, a wooden skewer, two or three beads, paper covered wire and paint.       First, sculpt a whale from oven-bake clay and poke a […]

A ”praire-schooner” is a covered wagon. Above arechildren playing with their version, a rocking horseand tent make a great imaginary toy!  The Prairie-SchoonerPicture and Verse by Charles S. Chapman I was an Indian Chieftain, Head of a warlike band; She drove a prairie-schooner Out on the desert land. I was the first to sight her, And lead the wild attack; I carried her off to the mountains, Far from the beaten track. There in my tent, a captive, Bound hand and foot she lay Till she promised me my squaw she’d be In the far-off time, “Some Day.” Now, as […]

Vintage albumen print. Original caption “Aboriginal life among the Navajoe Indians. Near old Fort Defiance, N.M. / T. H.”          One of the chief arts of the North American Natives is that of weaving blankets. When the Spaniards came to our country they found beautiful blankets and fine weaving among the Pueblo and Navaho people of the southwest. Perhaps these people learned this art from their neighbors to the south; or they may have originated it themselves because they needed and sought something better than mere skins for clothing.        In the early days, the Hopi […]