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Pictured is a finished dollSize cups. Footed plastic glasses like these can be bought online and filled with colored resin to make doll-sized punch, iced tea, lemonade, or water. This craft is only for adults as it should not touch the skin. Wear gloves and take accurate measurements so the

This bag is a good size for our doll clothes! It will even fit Souvenirs! Every American Girl’s favorite doll needs her own bag for the holidays, and we’re no exception! I have recycled A cute little box that transforms a suitcase into something more practical for dolls to pack

More and more people are embracing the teachings and meditation methods from the Buddhist tradition. Coloring has been shown to greatly help with depression, chronic pain, mindfulness, and meditation, so pairing these two ideas is a natural. Buddhist art coloring Book I. Auspicious Symbols and Mythological Motifs from the Tibetan

What is a Fussy cut? Fussy Cutting is where you take a detailed focal point that you either drew or drew yourself, or taken from a collage book or magazine. You need small scissors that can be easily rotated to get around all the nooks and crannies in a given

Stunningly realistic charcoal and graphite graphics, which carry all the qualities and characteristics of an image.Nigerian artist Arinzi Stanley is a master of his craft. Here is a brief excerpt from his site: “Images of people of color that capture the complex emotions associated with the contemporary black experience.” A

Very sweet colored pencil drawings for everyday life.When you are always looking for the extraordinary, you run the risk of missing out on the joys of the ordinary. Japanese artist Nishimura Yuki reminds us of this with her beautiful illustrations. It’s not the sweet pictures some companies use to sell