“50 SPLENDID PRINCESSES” Coloring Book + Video Flip!

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Features of this book:
For all who adore coloring royal ladies with pretty dresses, jewelry and hairstyles!

pages: 110 pages – Counting illustrations: 50

    • Includes 50 detailed art pictures, depicting gorgeous princesses, queens and noblewomen, surrounded by flowers, playing with animals and so much more! The last 11 illustrations of some famous fairytale princesses.
    • Penmanship: The illustrations in this book are line art only (no grayscale, no color by numbers). Thus, colorists can choose their own colors and shades.
    • Separate printed graphics. Each graphic in this book is a one-sided print (right-hand pages). This will prevent bleeding into the back of the picture and will also allow you to cut out the designs you like the most and put them in a frame!
    • Perfect for fun, stress relief and relaxation. Great for peaceful and creative meditation. Hours of art therapy enjoyment for stress relief and more!
    • Rediscover your inner child and artistic potential: This book is great for creative, imaginative, and artistic people of all ages.
    • Original, stylish, hand-drawn content and beautiful illustrated pages!
    • Beautiful, princess-related, glittery cap.
    • Large print, “letter” sized book with pages of white paper: 8.5″ wide by 11.0″ high pages, approximately 22cm x 28cm.
    • Highly recommended for any fine quality soft pencils or markers. You can also use gel pens, watercolor pens, crayons, or fine markers. To prevent margins from occurring on the other side of the illustrated page, do not forget to put thick paper below.
    • Additional Princess-themed pages: Extra page to jot down your personal notes or wishes. Bonus name page with more castle turrets and rose border.
    • This princess coloring book can also be used as a creative gift for your friends, for collection, or for video recordings.
    • No designs are duplicated or duplicated
    • No super sharp lines or bold black lines
    • There is no grayscale or colorization through the number of images
    • No perforation of pages

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Watch the video flip through below:


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