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This 18-inch Maggie doll has auburn wavy wig, brown eyes and tan skin.

The back of the box reads…Dearest friends: From head to toe, you can be sure that your Heidi Ott doll is 100% handmade with the finest materials. We invite you to take a closer look and enjoy every feature of your new best friend. You will see that her beautiful eyes, arched eyebrows, rosy lips, and flushed cheeks are all hand-drawn with great care. Examine her garments and look for double-stitched fabrics for long-lasting quality, as well as pretty extras like hand-knitted lace and pretty finishing on hems, seams, and edges.

Your new best friend from Heidi Ott comes with her Certificate of Authenticity. We recommend that you keep the certificate in a safe place to permanently verify its unique quality.

Maggie Pioneer outfit will also fit American Girl Dolls. These dolls have cloth doll bodies.

Hand carving detail on magi.

Maggie’s boot, foot and knit sock details are left out.

Loyal Friends Book Series: Get to know the Book of Friends One, Snowboarding friends book two flower girl
Book III and Best friends under the sun Fourth book.

Heidi Ott’s Faithful Dolls: Setting: 1896 Illinois Prairie

  • Ellie and Will – Brother and Sister dolls, African American, Ellie showing her teeth
  • Beth – blue-eyed and blond
  • Hannah – brunette with blue eyes and showing teeth
  • My doll Maggie – She has brown braids, brown eyes and freckles
  • Ben – fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair
  • Maria – Made from Magi’s mold and has darker features
  • Jacob – a red-headed boy doll with blue eyes
  • Daniel – A minor character in the books, he has fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes

Loyal friends admire:

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