A title inspired by a talented and creative artist.Ewa Scota states, on her social media page: “• Art Alchemy • Surrealism • Magic • Black Work •”. The sentence sounds as cool as it sounds, so I decided to use it as the title of the post showing her work. In addition to all of the above, we love here on DesignStack. It was not a difficult decision to make her part of the growing family of artists on this site. Stunning surreal art full of symbolism, adorns this page and is just waiting for your admiration… note. The pictures […]

The animals were given stylized arrangements.Indian artist Ankit Kumar gives the creatures he has painted an understated look. It doesn’t sound like a compliment, until you start looking at how subtle transformation can make such a wonderful effect. Starting with style. Hair, scales, and even feathers disappear in favor of stripes and patterns. They take their place and help define the features of the object in question. The other thing I find very nice are the build lines. It really adds to the main body of the drawing, allowing your eyes to follow lines and curves more. Fabulous animals. Some […]

Black and white traditional architecture.Russian painter and graphic artist Asmaik Babian fascinates with her architectural works. This post is all about buildings. Although they originated from different places. On the one hand, the realism achieved by this excellent artist. Scenes that look like pictures of walking through mature cities and towns.. The other, painted with a comfortable fancy brush. Everything in it feels warm and comfortable. Just like the feeling you want in your perfect home. There are homes I’d like to live in, on both lists. Which one would you choose to make yourself? note. The pictures were given […]

Today’s post is about ECOLEAD, a Designstack Kickstarter, for refilling pencil lead without their plastic case.Every time a new refill is purchased, the plastic wrap can be discarded, and like a plastic straw, it cannot be recycled. Millions of plastic cans and their packaging are disposed of in landfills. We’ve also created a series of pencil drawings for today’s post to raise awareness that refilling plastic cans becomes plastic pollution. ECOLEAD refills are for anyone who uses a mechanical pencil. We’ve designed it to be 100% plastic-free, 100% waste-free, and 100% eco-friendly. ECOLEAD is a premium quality graphite refill for […]

Many amazing zentangle designs are waiting for you in this post.Below is the work of artist Mikiko Morikawa (森川), who lives and works in Osaka, Japan. Geometry takes a big place in this style of art. Pure geometric shapes surrounded by shapes that include animals. They take different forms: with a realistic or schematic body. Beautifully detailed graphics accentuated by the use of subtle color and shading techniques. I have two favourites. My absolute, though, is the one with the two feathers. One appears to be based on an average bird and the second on a peacock feather. I really […]

Ballpoint pen animals and micro-ink architecture, in one publication.Black and blue make for a nice way to divide the two topics by tones. A great way to showcase the work of Indonesian artist Arya Ramanda. Color and theme, aren’t the only things that distinguish the two parts of this publication. Fantasy in architectural drawings and realism in one creatures, is another great one. A clear change of scenery by the time you reach the midpoint of this page, made by a sunflower. Enjoy exploring. note. The pictures were given some titles. A-Frame house on stilts. Click on the image to […]

Faber-Castell Pencils Faber-Castell pencils have a stronger lead and are suitable for detailed work. Faber-Castell’s Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils are some of the best quality watercolor pencils on the market and can be used in a similar way to watercolors. It comes in a range of colors designed to produce the most beautiful results. These pencils are perfect for any artist who wants to create stunning watercolor paintings and come in sets 12And the 24 And the 120. Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils are an affordable set designed for art students and coloring enthusiasts. It is highly pigmented and break […]

Digital art that makes you feel right at home.“Create realistic 3D,” Greta Pratt said on her social media page. A fictional surreal reality, it is happy to stand apart from what we consider the real world. I prepared the titles of the drawing as a story connected to the experiences, while the protagonists go in search of discoveries in this completely new world. I don’t know if Brat designed them with a link, but I thought it would be a good idea to give them a link of mine. However, her quote indicates that she sees her work as a […]

Charcoal sketches and study of an ink drawing. Including two celebrities too.Architect and artist Hoda Sherifian creates these warm perceptions of people. Black and white charcoal and drawing are the perfect combination for stunning work. Art is what the piece tells you, the way you feel. This is as brief as I can put it. In general, no one method or method is superior to the rest. Despite this, you personally always have a favourite. That changes over time, as your experiences in life enrich your understanding and appreciation of art. It doesn’t matter how far my travels take me, […]

English, French and Mediterranean architecture.Previously featured on DesignStack was Miad Ellos’ amazing work. I love the balance of black ink painting and the gentle use of watercolor paint. It’s a beautiful midway point between a complex sketch and a realistic sketch. It is said that the cut of London on the road from the artist. He noted that he was really lucky to have touched a lot of beautiful architectural design. The wisteria facade has to be my favourite. This light purple on the glossy white building, highlights every detail of the stonework above the windows and balconies in front […]