Sculpting Veggies from The Beetroot or Goosefoot Family

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The Beetroot Family / Goosefoot PlantsAmaranthaceae It is a family of thriving plants known as amaranth familyIn reference to He writes sex amaranthus. It includes the former family of geese Chenopodiaceae and contains about 165 genera and 2040 species. making it the most species-rich lineage within its parent to requestAnd Caryophil.

Our beets are doll-sized as they are made by coating the seeds/wood
Beads and paste green feathers inside.

The family includes:

  1. beets
  2. Swiss chard
  3. pregnancy quarters
  4. quinoa
  5. Purslane
  6. amaranth
  7. permanent spinach
  8. Strawberry spinach

More about this family of vegetables from YouTube:

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