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Features of this book:

New mandala to color! Multiple forms! There are no replicas! For true mandala fans!

A great and fun coloring book with 50 amazing MANDALA DRAWINGS!

  • A wonderful collection of intricate mandala designs! Completely hand painted, original and unique!
  • 50 beautifully intricate, but not overwhelming designs. The book contains large mandalas with small but not small elements, which makes for gorgeous illustrations and is filled with shimmering pearls, swirls, elegant flowers, geometric patterns, and artistic elements intertwined into composite shapes.
  • Challenging illustrations, designed to inspire your creativity, without being busy or stressful.
  • Great results, spare your artistic media. Smaller spaces, they’re still easy on the eye, and they don’t require time to fill. Perfect for gel or acrylic pens, fine tip markers or thinner crayons. Just place a thick white sheet under the mandala you’re working on, to stop the ink bleeding eventually.
  • No more shading or blending required. Some of the larger elements in the mandala are slightly pre-filled with the thin lines, so you can skip any blending with darker colors to achieve any kind of volume, shadows, or similar effects.
  • Mandala print designs only: All the elegant mandalas in this complex book are on the right pages.
  • Delightfully elaborate mandala-themed glitter cover.
  • This beautifully designed and handcrafted mandala coloring book may become a wonderful gift for your beloved relatives, a surprise for your beloved friends, an item for your coloring bookshelf, or even for your own videos!
  • Some very small spaces are filled.
  • The outer border lines are bolder.
  • There are no duplicate illustrations.
  • No lines that are too bold or thin.
  • Not perforated or spiral bound.

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