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The name Claribel means bright bright. This doll’s beautifully styled hair is so beautiful and her blue eyes are so bright that Claribel seemed like just a name to her.

Claribel came from Europe in the 1870’s. She lived with a little girl in a small house a few miles off the coast of Maine. Later she traveled to the Midwest where she now lives.

In her day Claribel must have been a sweetheart to the ball, surely any doll could not have been more attractive.

Her hair is done in three puffs in front with a wreath braid around the head. Six long curls cover the back.

She wears a pink rose in her hair. It stays fresh and beautiful because it is made from creamy soup.

The lace around her neck and the ribbon bow where the lace comes together are also made of biscuit.

Her earrings are dark green. Well done not to lose either of them, for she wore them day and night.

Her little feet are covered in black velvet slippers.

Her dress is made of taffeta. It is a changeable silk that appears teal when viewed one way or another and bluish green if held in another way.

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