Jim Brady and His Automobile…

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When he first started using cars, the owner’s technique was to take his picture standing next to his car. The photo is usually taken in front of the man’s home or workplace. That’s why this picture is of Jim Brady.

Mr.’ Brady, or Jim, as he is affectionately known to his friends, is fond of bright colors. Red tie. His shirt is light pink and his jacket is green and black. His suit is a bold check in black and white. Jim is rarely seen without a bright flower at the crown of his head. is sometimes. He has more than one. At the time this photo was taken, Jim was wearing a large red poppy.

Jim keeps his handlebar mustache waxed and tucked in. He has always been admired by the other Dummies because he has his own car.

Although the car is one of the first models, it is still in good condition. Give it a few drops of oil once in a while and give it a spin and it will work really fast. The car is painted white with orange cushions.

When Mrs. Brady and the boy and girl go for a ride with Jim, all four wear goggles. Mrs. Brady paired her oversized hat with a long chiffon veil.

Brady’s house is small, but it’s not simple. None of the homes built in the 1890s were simple. Although it was put in place a long time ago, the house still has a charm all its own. Many dolls will be happy to move in, settle down, and call it home.

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