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Features of this book:

Small sea scenes for easier coloring! Quiet, romantic and full of flowers! 50 hand-drawn mini-scenes, featuring beautiful houses, lamps, and idyllic beach-related scenes!

  • 50 small hand-drawn seaside designs! Many beach or island homes, cabins, lighthouses, and even old castles! Tons of exotic flowers! Rocks and seagulls flying in the distance, water and boats.
  • Small graphics: not very detailed and not very simple. You’ll find the illustrations in the book easy enough to color in in no time. They don’t take up the entire page and don’t need any background or frame. Despite this, the images still contain all the necessary details and elements to be considered satisfactory.
  • Clear, visible and connected lines. No Frames: Illustrations are printed on white paper, without any frames. Adding a background is your choice. The sky can be left blank or done with chalk, soft pastels, light crayon strokes, etc.
  • Illustrations printed on one side on a white background: Each sea scene is printed on the right side pages.
  • Vintage lighthouse with glossy floral book cover.
  • Large ‘letter’ size print, beach themed summer book: Pages are 8.5 wide x 11.0 high in inches (215.9 x 279.4 high in millimeters).
  • Ideal for high-quality coloring media, especially: soft pencils, oil pastels, or light markers. In any case, please place a blotting card or paper under the illustration you’re coloring, to stop any color bleeding into the next page.
  • This seaside themed coloring book will be perfect for your collection, for a gift, or for your video reviews!
  • There are no duplicate or duplicate pages.
  • No disconnected, hairline, or too wide lines.
  • No shades or black ink fillings.
  • No holes or screw links.

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