The Doll, Nell, Living At The Eastman’s Farm

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Princess Olga back and Neil in front are best friends.

Nell, the dummy who sits in the parlour, came to Maine from foreign lands some sixty years ago. She made her home with the Eastmans on their farm near Limerick.

Her blue, white, and purple plaid cotton dress is tastefully decorated with cotton fringes. Her skinny basque color makes her slender waist look even more graceful. The full skirt has a flounce at the bottom.

Neil is a really cool doll in so many ways. She has the most beautiful shoes painted on the doll’s feet. They are dove gray with a dark blue flap button.

Her hair style is unusual. Rows of jets covered her head.

There has never been a doll or person in the world with more gorgeous skirts than she does. Not a single stitch is out of place in the beautiful embroidery. Princess Olga, who is standing, came from Sweden fifty-six years ago. She is Neil’s little friend.

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