Robot Valentine Mailbox… with heart!

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On the left, the end result for our automated dummy mailbox. Right, as seen from the side.

You can make a mini robot using whatever odds and ends you find inside a recycling bin or drawer at home. I used some little things from my sewing box to make this robot face.

See how the boxes were attached with glue and tape.

Support list:

  • 2 small square boxes, one of which is slightly larger
  • 2 push pins for the robot’s ears
  • Giant shot of her nose
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Silver foil, aluminum foil, or silver-coated tape
  • Plastic gems
  • White scraps of paper
  • heart sticker
  • Permanent black ink pen
  • hot glue
  • masking tape
  • white school glue
  • Pieces of egg carton
  • cardboard scrap
  • Permanent black ink pen

Step by step instructions:

  1. Glue and glue the two smaller boxes together, and line the smaller box on top of the other to act as a robot’s head.
  2. Poke holes in the sides of the robot’s head and insert push pins with a little glue to hold them in place.
  3. Cut a narrow slit for the Valentine’s Day mail to be delivered.
  4. Then cover the robot with glue and silver paper.
  5. Attach the facial features and front button panels with glue.
  6. Our robot shoulders are cut from paper egg carton parts and product bar code from some random pasta boxes.

You can vote for this Valentine’s Day mailbox entry in the comment box below, if you like. It would be interesting to see if people/kids on the internet judge our Valentine’s Day doll mailbox contest the same way the kids do in our house.

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