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Features of this book:
50 adorable, cute and fun illustrations!

  • 50 adorable hand-drawn Easter designs To keep you full of joy, happy and stress-free for hours!
  • Perfect for the spring season: This book has everything that makes Easter and Springtime so blissful! Features spring-related animals, birds, flowers, tiny houses, doors, and more
  • Linear designs that are clear and not too complicated: Most of the drawings in this book are easy on the eyes and don’t take much time to color. Hence the title “miniatures”. However, there are several illustrations with enough detail if you need something more challenging.
  • To color the activities of joy and alertness! Ideal for stress relief, relaxation, seasonal fatigue, various forms of depression, boredom, insomnia, and more.
  • Single-sided graphics on common white paper: Each illustration is printed on the correct pages.
  • Easter-themed glossy book cover.
  • Large ‘letter’ size printed Easter themed coloring book: Pages 8.5 by 11.0 inches, (22 by 28 centimeters).
  • It is suggested to use for any soft and good quality crayons, crayons or pencils. However, if you prefer to use any wet media, don’t forget to place a blotting paper behind the illustration you wish to color, to absorb the occasional bleed on the next page.
  • This Easter coloring book can also make an attractive collectible item, a sweet gift for spring festivals, or even for your own video reviews!
  • No repetitive graphics
  • There are no areas filled with black or gray
  • No perforated paper.

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