How the King Chose His Wife

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The king thinks of the best way to choose a wife.

How the King Chose His Wife, Adele Barney Wilson

Some ages ago, a dozen, perhaps.

In a faraway land not on our maps,

There lived a young king whose fortunes were


He was only surpassed by his youthful abode-


He read and studied when he was done

all is OK;

His wisdom and justice amazed every one.

And the money I spend with such careful intent

That the national debt was reduced to a cent.

But throughout the whole kingdom the complaint was widespread

Because the young king did not take a wife.

The folk said: “Everything is fine while he lives,”

But who will rule over us when he dies?

Perhaps its proud cousin from over the ocean

He will make us his subjects – we do not love

an idea.

We want him to give us a son for his heir,

To the one who swears our loyalty forever.”

And one day they swore they would go in


To announce their grievances which he hung like


And so they put together a petition to carry it

To the popular king to persuade him to marry.

The petition was edited by an educated committee-


And his subjects sign him in the country and the city;

And when the king received it, he was satisfied.

The heavy fascia was duly served.

Read it once, then read it again:

The power of her logic could not be ignored.

He said: “Good people, I will marry to please you.

Soon, the bride is led to the altar.

Wife and queen I have no reason to refuse.

But I’ll take my own way

to choose “.

With satisfied smiles, the people withdrew.

But how did he choose her that they so desired

He knew.

Just like Cinderella, because of her beauty?

Or the poor sleeping maid who wakes up

was duty?

And so they chatted back home


Until the whole crowd was different ways


While the king took his journal and found a paper

blank page.

To fill it in with an educational and wise comment.

“I don’t ask for beauty,” he said


Because when youth is gone, so will it


I care not a straw for solemn etiquette;

It’s better to be plain and local

Since I know very well that my mistakes are

a lot,

How can I expect her not to have any?

But (let him say that the radius criterion is comic-


I insist on this: to be economical.

And begged his horse to cut the rich dough Download these drawings and color them too!

“I will not choose any wasteful, wasteful hand,

The taxes of my good people are wasted and lost;

My queen should be ready to guard the state


Only to such a person would I give him the crown.”

Cut out his pearl clasp


So as not to see prying eyes in its pages.

The next morning, the King took his usual journey,

his favorite retinue is close by his side;

Each steed is high-stepping with a proud bow


quiver of life and impatience with the check;

Laughter and singing, trumpet sound


The flowers that were in front of them are the children


United in making a very happy procession.

From her beautiful words make only a weak impression.

The procession passed through the ancient city gates

To the beautiful roads of the country estate.

Then we move to the farms, where there are vineyards and


Humble dwellings transformed into sedums


and stopped at the door where plump blooms-

g lass

Through the small slabs of diamonds-

shaped glass.

Her heart was beating wildly, and she refrained


“He’s looking for a wife!” kept her brain


And the king who never seemed greater or

more dangerous.

She said kindly: “Virgin, pray give me a


He continued, “Of course, you know how to do it


Biscuits and biscuits are often made


She proudly replied, “You can’t.”


He asked: “And pancakes,” and tartlets, and


“Your Majesty, yes; even now I do

Some pies are very close to being ready to bake.”

Then he explained that his call was correct

For wanting to cut the dough it

stayed ,

Like his horse, he had a curious passion

To eat these scraps in a predatory manner.

she screamed as she ran


The table, where the great white casting lay-


. And, scraping a cup, I picked it up.

And I thought “quantity satisfies” without


Alas though! Her face suddenly grew red


If I had known this in time, I would have saved everything


But while the happy crowd was laughing,

She returned to her work with a cheerful song,

And I spent the whole day dreaming dreams


And the construction of air castles was enormous.

From that morning on, the King stopped by every day


In a modest cabin along the highway.

And he begged for his horse the remains of the rich


Which all the chefs on the show seemed happy about


But, despite the alerts and winks of his entourage.

Keep his advice private, out loud


While I tried every girl as a matter of pride.

To see who can bid the most.

And his horse, which he seems to agree to

The whole thing.

Memorized every day getting fatter and fatter.

So a few weeks passed when-

Kidd stood

In front of a house on the edge of a wood.

Who timidly steps out of his shadows

little maid.

Embarrassed by the magnificence before viewing.

I heard with astonishment the king’s usual questions-


He gasped with dread at the very suggestion.

Scrape the dough? I’m sorry about that.

But I never had even a crumb left, you know:

My mother taught me that it is evil to be lost

The smallest portion of pie dough or dough.

“I carefully measure the smallest ingredient.

to make the amount you think it is


And in the dough it says that I have to

Work carefully with every scrap of veneer.

And if everything is planned accurately and correctly,

My molding board is clean when I’m calm


Yes; There in the oven my pies in a row,

Here is my board without a single clip


“Economic maid!” cried the king in ecstasy.

“You are exactly the person I was trying to be


When others are reckless, you suffer


The pieces they would sparingly squander on you


Their prodigal habits filled me with contempt.

But such thrift as your throne should decorate it.

Therefore, unless you object, I command and direct

May the people salute you, the king’s elected bride.

You will rule by my side over all this vast


He bent down to kiss her little brown hand.

She was trembling and blushing, completely unable to


And her long lashes on her fringe


As I proudly lead her out the door.

Rejoice that his search was happy;

And he cheered after a soft morning rent


Of the loyal young courtiers who stood up

He waits there.

To the palace they triumphantly desired

attended it.

And it was a great week with a wedding

I finish.

And the king did not regret it all his life

Long life

The way I follow in choosing a wife.

the wedding procession of the king’s new bride; It is the most economical in all of the fantasy world.

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