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Monroe doll in box… front left view. Center, view from the side. Right, up close with
Reflection of the mirrored interior of the box.

cartoon doll from
Actress Marilyn Monroe.

This 16″ Marilyn Monroe doll wears the famous gold lame dress from “There’s No Business Like Show Business”. It has only four points of articulation. Her arms and head are made of vinyl but her torso and legs are made of much cheaper fabric. Plastic material molded using a blow mold, his features are exaggerated and playful, she has rooted platinum blonde hair and her facial features are dyed, her eyes are blue with heavy eyelids, she wears the elegant classic makeup that was popular in the fifties of the last century.

Text from the booklet:

“Her roles as the wide-eyed blonde bombshell endeared her to movie audiences everywhere. Today, Marilyn is a cult following to fans of all ages. This is reflected in today’s fashions where entire stores are handed out in her memory. Numerous books as well as various kinds of other memorabilia have also been made available.” .

This vinyl, 16-inch doll is one of four dolls in a series by TriStar 20th Century Fox’s Marilyn Monroe doll collection. Her famous films include:

  1. The seven-year itch
  2. Gentlemen prefer blondes
  3. How to marry a millionaire
  4. There is no business like show business
On the left, this Hollywood icon has Marilyn Monroe’s hallmarks: the slick, radiant beauty spot
Lipstick, thin, pencil-arched eyebrows and a wide-lipped smile. center, have white treatments made of
plastic. True, its squiggly plastic shape on the back is a bit exaggerated, I think.

On the left, gathered shell details. Center, doll profile. right,
The top of the halter reveals the doll’s back.

Left, styling by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), for the song “Two Little”
Girls from Little Rock.” In the middle, William Travilla was an American costume designer for the stage,
Cinema and television. He is perhaps best known for designing costumes for Marilyn Monroe
Eight of her films, as well as two of the most famous dresses in cinema history. design for
Marilyn Monroe standing on top of the subway in The Seven Year Itch (1955).

Links to fashion dishes made for Monroe:

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