A life-sized doll named Dora Petzold…

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Dora Petzold is the name of this doll. Germany is her motherland. There can be no mistaking it, she has her name and the name of her country tattooed on her skin just like a sailor.

Dora is such a large and lifelike doll that she looks more like a little girl sitting in the center of her doll collection than she looks like a doll. Maybe if Dora came back alive she would collect dolls. who do you know

Anyway, Dora looks proud of her dolls. On her lap, Dora has a rubber baby. Game. It goes back to another modern baby doll. The two little sister dolls dressed alike, from CZ. The doll with the gingham apron, broom, and white cap is the dried apple doll. Her face and hands are made of dried apple. Dolls in front of the little sisters from Russia. The Little Russian girl is holding her scarf over her head and the boy is holding a stick in one hand. An old-fashioned homemade Humpty Dumpty doll with a rubber ball in its center, so he can roll down a ramp with ease, sits on top of a chest to Dora’s right. Little Red Riding Hood is standing near him. The doll in the polka dot dress has arms full of dolls. Little Boy Blue, a small Chinese doll, is lying near his sheep. The oldest doll in the collection is a small, articulated Chinese doll that leans on Dora’s feet. Whether Dora is alive or not, she has the beginnings of the doll collection right there.

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