Make an empty tomb doll cake for Easter!

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       A three tiered layer cake decorated for a doll Easter celebration may be crafted using the most ordinary materials found around the house. How it looks in the end will be much determined by the supplies that you can gather. 

       The tiny ”candy” flowers used in our sample cake were cut from various Fimo flower canes. Alternatively a child could substitute details like these with: buttons, stickers or ribbon flowers. My flowers were already cut and sold in a pack but I will link to this craft from Youtube for those of you who would like to craft the canes from scratch. 

Supply List:

  • scrap cardboard
  • recycled egg carton
  • white school glue
  • masking tape
  • tiny clay flowers (cut from cane)
  • decorative gravel (very small)
  • green and brown acrylic paint
  • little sawdust
  • brown paper bag

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. With multiple circles of cardboard glued together and stacked, students can make doll-sized cakes to decorate for Easter.
  2. I also cut a cave shape from a recycled paper egg carton to secure to the top of the cake with more glue and tape.
  3. Let the glue dry and cover the entire cake using masking tape Before painting it and gluing on details.
  4. I covered the Spring hillside using green acrylic paint. 
  5. Paint the path leading up to the tomb with brown and glue a layer of sawdust on this to add texture.
  6. Glue on a few tiny pebbles or stones to outline the path and emphasize the tomb. In the U.S. cake shops sell pebble candy that looks like the real thing.
  7. Paint the remaining tomb surface to look real and then glue on the flower cane slices on top of the green painted icing.
  8. Cover your cake creation with Mod Podge and set the dessert table for a dolly’s Easter celebration!

More ideas for empty tomb cakes at Easter:

This plastic cake container once was used to package a angel food cake from the market. See the
form at the center inside, when cut apart from the package, it is a perfect shape and size to use
as the dome of a 18 inch doll-sized cake stand.

Above see how I layered cardboard to make the Easter cake. Also I am making sure it fits 
perfectly under my recycled plastic cake dome.
Decoupage the masking tape layer with another layer of brown paper bag before painting this 
pretend confectionary. 
The three tier Easter cake with pretend candy decorations is finished.

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