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 Miss Mouse Longing

Little Miss Mouse

Ran through the great house,

Coming out in the pantry with satisfied squeak;

”If I had but a pocket,”

She sighed, ”I could stock it 

With dainties enough to last me a week!”

A Happy Family

A little white hen, duck, and a mouse,

Together they lived in a little white house.

The mouse went to market on dark, dark nights,

and they ate cake and cheese with keen appetites.

They are cheese and cake till the mouse broke his leg,

Then the little white hen laid a little white egg.

The duck took them sailing when ’twas fine weather,

And so they lived happily, all three together.

The Little Boy Pleads for Mouse

Little Boy Pleads…

Shh, ma’, speak to pussy and kitty,

They are dragging all over the house,

Without any mercy or pity,

A poor little innocent mouse.

I hate to see such wicked cunning,

For pussy allows it to go,

And just as the mouse thinks of running

She catches and teases it so.

Mother Answers

My son, our puss cannot reason,

And therefore she is not a sinner;

Perhaps this is not hungry season,

And this teasing is cooking her dinner.

But when children, my darling, are cruel,

And injure the brutes heaven made,

They sully the beautiful jewel,

That with a kind heart is inlaid.

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