Best Colored Pencils For Adult Coloring

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Best adult coloring pencils

Here are our top picks for the best colored pencils below for adult coloring:

Read on to find out why to use colored pencils and the different types available.

Why should I use colored pencils?

Colored pencils are one of the most popular tools for artists because their translucent qualities allow you to achieve a level of detail and control you can’t get with other media. You can layer colors, mix different colors together, and use them with other media like markers and markers.

Additionally, it comes in a range of prices and can be used by both adults and children alike. It is portable, light and does not take up much space and does not make any mess. Colored pens are a great place to start if you’re new to coloring.

What are the different types of colored pencils?

Different types of colored pencils feature the medium that binds the color pigments together, which in turn affects the way they feel and look when the pencil is pressed against the page. The three main types of colored pencils are wax-based, oil-based, and water-soluble. We’ll explore each of these below.

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Waxed pencils

Wax pencils are some of the most popular colored pencils on the market. They are known for their smooth, creamy texture and ability to produce rich, vibrant colours.

The wax binds the pigment in the pencils together. Its soft core means you don’t have to press hard to apply the dye to the page, but also means it can break if pressed too hard. If you are looking for a color pencil that is buttery and easy to blend and erase, then the waxy pencil is the way to go.

One thing to keep in mind with these pencils is that wax tends to oxidize over time, which can cause a hazy layer to form over your design especially if you’ve used a lot of dark colors. This is known as “wax bloom,” but it can be fixed by wiping it clean, applying another layer of color on top, or applying a special lotion on top to lock in the color.

Wax pencils are very versatile, which means you can use them for different applications, and they also tend to be cheaper than oil-based colored pencils. They come in many different styles, so you are sure to find the set that fits your budget. Whether you use them for drawing, coloring, or even just doodling, wax pencils are a great choice for anyone who wants to add color to their life.

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