“50 JUNGLE MINIATURES” Coloring Book + Video Flip!

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Features of this book:

Nice! Entertaining! lovable! My dream! 50 cool and funny hand-drawn pictures to color!

  • 50 fun jungle-themed illustrations, plus many exotic and mini tropical scenes To keep you happy, relaxed and inspired during your free time!
  • Great for your vacation, vacation, or any time you want to remember your happy summer time: The next coloring book was created to make your day full of funny art adventures! On the pages you will find lots of cute forest creatures. The book also contains: waterfalls, various tropical fairy houses, exotic flowers, mini doors, furniture, lanterns, and many more!
  • Distinctive and clear art: The pictures in this book are known as “miniatures” because they need a little time to fully complete. Of course, some graphics are more detailed and some are easier.
  • For art related recreation! This wonderful book is a great choice for any creative experiments, as well as a remedy for seasonal anxiety or depression, insomnia, boredom, and more.
  • Pictures from one page: Designs are printed separately (on right-hand pages), on white, non-perforated paper.
  • Illustration of a jungle-themed glitter cover.
  • A large printed jungle-related book in “The Message” dimensions: Sheets 8 1/2″ x 11.0″ (W – H), (22cm – 28cm).
  • Suggested for high quality soft tip crayons or pencils. However, if you want to use acrylic-type media: glossy gel pens, various markers, or watercolors, place thick paper just below the current page to prevent the colors from running through in the next illustration.
  • This jungle coloring book can be used for recorded video reviews, as an exotic gift for someone special, or as a collectible addition!
  • There are no duplicate or duplicate images
  • No fonts are too small or too bold
  • There are no grayscale images
  • No perforated sheets

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PREVIEW PHOTOS – Click on the photos to download the gallery:

Watch the video flip through below:


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