Make and display a rabbit gate for the dollhouse…

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This bunny gate will make a great wall display in your dollhouse this Easter. The supplies you will need include: wooden tongue depressors or popsicle sticks, small plastic eggs, a lovely bunny sticker, white school glue, hot glue, brown paint and pale green paper.

To the left, stick torn green grass to the fence posts before the eggs.
Right, the completed Bunny Gate.

First, you will need to cut and glue a portal together using popsicle sticks and white glue. Below is a photo of both the front and back sides of the rabbit gate that you can copy. Let this mini gate dry completely before painting it. I painted ours brown but you may prefer to use gray, white or even pink for your gate version. I thought brown paint would look best with a white bunny so that’s the color I chose. Wrap a thin wire to hang your Easter ornament when you’re done with the project, or hang it on a wall inside a doll’s house.

On the left, the front of the portal. Right at the back of the gate has a cross brace.

After the paint on the gate had dried, I simply peeled the thin paper off the back of the bunny sticker and attached it to the two middle fence posts. Then I cut out the green paper to make the grass and used white school glue to stick it to the bottom of the fence. After this glue had dried, I hot-glued the plastic eggs in front of my lawn. If you’re too young to use hot glue, ask an adult for help!

On the left, the adorable bunny is a sticker and the little spotted eggs are made of plastic.
Well, the gate is painted and I’m waiting for it to dry before adding more details.

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