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Hitty is named after the story book doll, Hitty, that Rachel Field wrote about, as many feel the dolls are similar to each other. The resemblance must be slight, but Hetty was small for her age and this doll is large. She can look at the table when she is standing on the floor.

Hetty came to Wisconsin on Candlelit Days. Unfazed by tales of an outbreak in India, Hetty lived a peaceful life. Her clothes were made at home from materials spun and woven on the farm. Hetty had a little girl to play with and she seemed happy in a quiet way.

When the little girl had grown up and left the farm, Hetty retired to the attic where she lived alone for years. Last summer the Attic was invaded by young barbarians. At least the boys looked barbaric to Hetty. They took her outside and hung her on a branch for a soccer dummy.

Fortunately, a good fairy in the form of a pink-cheeked antique dealer came and saved her. Hetty is taken to the woman’s antique shop where she is soon adopted.

In her new home, Hitty is given every consideration. On windy days, she perches in her high chair near the fireplace, but ventures outside in nice weather. Sometimes you don’t go far, just to a neighbor for a cup of tea to meet some people, or to a campus lunch or lecture.

Lately, Hetty has been doing a lot of traveling. I have traveled east and west. She rode that express train, exhaled, and was the guest of honor at the luncheons. Enjoying a room full of sick children doesn’t scare Hetty. For Haiti, life began again when she was about a hundred years old.

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