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Anxious little daffodil

came too early and got chills;
Jack Frost pinched her ear and said,
“Silly kid, go back to bed.”

Assemble a doll-sized mini book: Well, he drew a daffodil and his hair. Visitors can collect all the flower illustrations and flowers from the Flower Babies to print and create a little book of poetry for their dolls. Simply drag each png file. In the Word document, print, cut out all the pictures to the same size and staple the pages together at the left edge. Squeeze some white school glue along the pointed edge of the pages and attach a cardboard cover.

The scientific name for daffodil is daffodil. Read more about this flower here.

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Narcissus I.
Fair daffodils, we weep to be seen
Hurry away too.
The sun still rises early
did not reach his back:
stay stay
until the day of expediting
to run
But for equal song,
And after we prayed together, we prayed together
I will go with you.

We have a short time to be like you,
our spring fleet,
Rapid growth to counteract decay
As you or something:
We die
As you do your watches, dry off
like summer rain,
Or like pearls of morning dew,
Can not be found again.

Mrs. Daffodil wears her flower costumes…

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