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Features of this book:

50 original, hand-drawn, whimsical spring-themed residences!

  • Whimsical little houses! beautiful flowers! Nice creatures! Simple but not very easy. Nice little elements, but not very complicated scenes.
  • 50 unique and wonderful fantasy places to choose from and color with pleasure! In this book you will also enjoy many spring flowers, baby animals, bugs, mushrooms, easter eggs, cupcakes, and more!
  • 50 hand-drawn fairy dwellings on white backgrounds. Each illustration in this book is on a white paper background and is framed. The outlines are thick, but not too bold, so you can use both markers and pencils. The frames are there to help you add a background color of your choice without coloring the entire page at the edges.
  • Single printed pages: The Easter and Spring mini-residences are each printed separately on the pages at right.
  • A bright, beautiful, spring-related book cover.
  • Large format print (type – “character”): Book dimensions: in inches (8.5 x 11.0 inches) and centimeters (21.5 cm x 27.9 cm).
  • Suggested for all decent art media, Such as not too wet markers, soft tip pencils, crayons or pastels. Please, don’t forget to place a blotting paper just below the page you’re working on, to stop accidental color leakage into the next drawing.
  • This Spring and Easter themed book would make a great gift for a beloved friend; A charming addition to your collection of coloring books; Or part of your comments and videos!
  • Framed illustrations on white backgrounds and thick line art.
  • No duplication of graphics.
  • There are no shades of gray or packed areas.
  • No holes and no spiral borders.

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