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Above a vintage Hallmark Little Bo-Peep card.

Description of Bo-Peep Mini Paper Doll Card: Braided hair, yellow hair bands, staff, pink feather, big blue floppy hat

The story of Little Bo Peep

“This is the story of Little Bo Peep, who one summer day lost a little white sheep. But somehow she knew that wherever she roamed, at night her little white sheep would come home. It was late, the little white sheep was wandering through the gate, and it’s more The dementia you’ve ever seen!(They knew they were as BA-AAD as can be!) She said, “I forgive you for what you did.” She said goodnight to them, and then went straight to bed, but she wasn’t right sleeping because she Worried instead. It was late, if that’s what she ought to do.” Because a little lamb might be out in the cold–so Little Bo Peep hurried to the barn. I counted her sheep one by one where she lay, then went back to bed and immediately fell asleep. And perhaps that is why we have all heard him say–if we find it when we first go to bed and try hard, but can’t go to sleep–like Little Boo-peep, we should try to count the sheep.’

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