Realistic Pencil and Charcoal Portraits

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Stunningly realistic charcoal and graphite graphics, which carry all the qualities and characteristics of an image.

Nigerian artist Arinzi Stanley is a master of his craft. Here is a brief excerpt from his site: “Images of people of color that capture the complex emotions associated with the contemporary black experience.”

A lot of emotion came out through the models’ expressions, which tell the story of the way the artist sees aspects of his life in his country.

There are strong striking images. More on Stanley’s website (just click on his name above to see them). There is this real contrast between the beauty of the art and the models and some of the messages encapsulated within.

Art reminds us that there are more layers to our existence and our daily lives. Because we may want to choose to see only some of them, it doesn’t mean that the ones we disapprove of disappear. They are just hiding behind a very thin veil waiting to explode…



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Mona Lisa.

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supernatural image.

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the damage.

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Painful conversations.

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Jelly 2.

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08-Innocence-Pencil-and-Charcoal-Portraits-Arinze-Stanley-www-designstack-co - Innocence


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black flower

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