Craft Doll Sized Serving Trays

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        To make the following doll sized serving trays, you will need the following supplies: recycled cardboard juice can, mirrored paper, decorative scrapbook paper, white school glue and extra cardboard scraps for the arch shaped handles.

Above the serving trays are stacked. Right, the plastic version is from a former 18″ doll set. The
mirrored versions are handmade.

       I made the serving trays by cutting out the end pieces of juice cans. Keep 1/2″ deep by cutting above the base using a craft knife or sharp scissors. Decoupage the outside and bottom of the paper trays with decorative scrapbook papers. Decoupage the inside of each tray with mirrored paper or grey paper if you prefer. Then cut handles from the scrap cardboard in arch shapes and attach these with glue. After the glue dries, paint the handles to coordinate with the decorative scrapbook papers. Now your doll can serve up any horderves/appetizers they wish during a party!

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