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Features of this book:

50 Funny, Fun, Adorable, and Weird Gestures!

  • 50 original hand painted farmhouse and rustic designs To keep you happy, happy and stress-free for many hours!
  • Fabulous Animal Fanciers: In this book you will find tons of cute pets, who work on their farms, live in vegetable houses, do gardening, harvest and sell produce, and of course – have fun doing different rural activities.
  • lineart is clear and not too thin. Fun and easy designs: Many of the illustrations in the next book were done with thicker, closed lines. They are easy on the eye and require very little coloring time. Hence their nickname “miniatures”. Also in the pages are more intricate drawings, in case you need something to test your coloring skills.
  • For your adventures and exhilarating coloring experiences! The book is great for any treatment related to relaxation, stress relief therapies, prevention of seasonal fatigue and insomnia, depression, anxiety, boredom, and more.
  • Separate sided illustrations on common plain paper: You will find each drawing on the book pages on the right side.
  • Glossy book cover related to country and farm.
  • large print (“letter”), Farm related coloring book: Pages in inches are 8.5 x 11.0 inches (Pages in inches: 22 x 28).
  • Please, for best results, use soft-tipped pencils, high-quality markers, or crayons. In any case, don’t forget to place thick paper at the bottom of the page you wish to work on. This will stop accidental ink bleed in the following image.
  • This farm coloring book might become a nice item for your book collection, a great idea for a nice gift, or even to flip your videos!
  • No duplication of graphics
  • There are no areas shaded or filled with gray or black ink
  • No perforated sheets
  • Check out this book if you like:

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Watch the video flip through below:


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