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Features of this book:

50 delightful and adorable illustrations!

  • 50 handmade, unique and standout holiday designs to choose from!
  • Adorable scenes and animals on their summer vacation Near the sea/ocean and on the mountain trip/camping: In this coloring book you will meet many cute little animals, who are relaxing on the beach, having fun in the water, playing, relaxing or enjoying a picnic in the mountain forest.
  • For fun summer coloring adventures! Forget about busy days, boredom, anxiety, restlessness and blue mood, and enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest with this funny coloring book. It is perfect for any holy day relaxation therapy and for de-stressing moments during your free time.
  • Easy on the eyes, cute designs. Draw a thick, clean line: Most of the drawings in this coloring book are done with rather thick solid lines. It’s simple enough to color quickly and satisfyingly. Hence the word “miniatures” in the title. On the pages you’ll also find some detailed pictures, in case you want something more intricate to color.
  • Graphics printed separately on a common white background: Each illustration is placed on the right side pages of the book.
  • Summer beach glossy book cover.
  • Large print (“electronic” type), holiday-related coloring book: Pages in inches are 8.5 x 11.0 inches (in centimeter pages approx: 22 x 28 cm).
  • for best resultsUse any softer tip pencils, or any high quality markers or crayons. Also, don’t forget to put a thicker blotting paper after the page you’re currently coloring. This may help prevent ink bleeding in the following illustration.
  • This holiday themed coloring book might also become a great gift, a collectible accessory for your bookshelf, or even to flip through your book and videos!
  • There are no duplicate or duplicate images
  • There are no shaded or black/gray ink areas
  • There are no holes in the pages
  • No black supports, no black background

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