What are the names given to dolls belonging to American Girl Dolls?

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These are the names given to dolls in historic American Girl doll collections.

  1. Addy Walker’s rag doll is named after Ida Bean.
  2. The rag doll was named Kirsten Larson Surrey.
  3. Molly McIntire got a Red Cross nurse doll for Christmas
  4. This Felicity Merriman fashion doll is carved from wood and named Felicity Lucy.
  5. Amelia Earhart from Kit Kitteredge, Aviator doll.
  6. Josefina Montoya doll, Nina.
  7. Elizabeth’s wooden fashion doll is named Charlotte.
  8. Nellie O’Malley china doll named Lydia
  9. Samantha Parkington’s Chinese doll named Clara came with a smaller Nutcracker

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