How to craft a football lover’s Valentine mailbox…

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This mailbox contains a soccer field, goalposts, and even helmets!

Some dolls like Sports and Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft are for those dolls who love soccer. Helmets are generally left out so that readers here can imagine their favorite teams… These little helmets can be found in toy vending machines in grocery stores or drugstores.

Support list:

  • Small Recycled Rectangular Box
  • A second small box cut into two equal halves
  • Decorative paper for the field, side panels
  • Playground green felt at the top of the mailbox
  • Two, small plastic soccer helmets (the kind you can get at a candy dispenser)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • white school glue
  • A bit of green paint
  • Chenille or wire stems (for goal posts)
  • 1 cotton ball
  • Yellow and white acrylic paints for painting the goal and field posts
  • Recycled and clean egg cartons (parts)
  • masking tape

Step by step instructions

The boxes are as they look before decoupage.

Start this mailbox by clicking together the shape shown above. You will need to find a small box shaped like a football field and a smaller box to cut in half to display two plastic helmets. Also look at the small rounds cut out of an egg carton and glued in place. The soccer helmets will eventually be affixed on top of it with hot glue.

Alternatively, you can draw earth signs
Use yellow paints if you prefer.

Next, using white glue, stick green scrap paper around the sides of the mailbox. I chose a “grass” look paper. Paint the egg carton green as well. Then cut out a piece of green felt for the field. Stick this directly to the top of your Valentine’s Day mailbox. I cut narrow strips of masking tape to make marks for our field.

American Football Valentine’s Day mailbox from above.

Bend yellow chenille or wire stems into small goal posts. Take a small pair of nail scissors and poke holes in the felt and cardboard underneath. Apply a little glue to the goal post tips and insert them into the green felt soccer field.

You can vote for this Valentine’s Day mailbox entry in the comment box below, if you like. It would be interesting to see if people/kids on the internet judge our Valentine’s Day doll mailbox contest the same way the kids do in our house.

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