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Assemble a book the size of a small doll: lessStork, is an illustration and poetry. Visitors can collect all the illustrations and verses of the birds “bird children” To print and build a little book of poetry for their dolls. Simply drag each png file. In the Word document, print, cut out all the pictures to the same size and staple the pages together at the left edge. Squeeze some white school glue along the pointed edge of the pages and attach a cardboard cover.

Collect all the cleaned pages and scale them to make a thumbnail
Book for your dolls.

Sand lives by the water
with her young son and daughter;
The cunning little brood appears
Exactly where to look for food.

Additional authors:

The plover is walking in time on the beach. The plovers are coastal birds like the sandpiper.

The crawler learns to train

“Eyes in front! Shoulder wings! Quick march!” General Bibi Plover said to his brothers. “Now hurry up, run hard, and hide where you can quickly.”
The little plover ran as hard as he could, and hid behind the stones in such a way that no one could tell which one was a little kitten or which one was a stone, for the little plovers were too much like stones to look at.
General Baby Plover taught this to even the naughty little boys
You should not find their nests and carry them away.
And so they spent many happy days running to the water and catching a little fish to carry home to their mother’s supper, and as soon as they saw a naughty boy from afar, they became like soldiers again, and. He hid among the stones. Henry Altmus Company.

The plover catches a small fish to eat.

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