Best Markers for Adult Coloring: How to Pick The Right One For You

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While Copics is one of the best alcohol-based brands on the market, it is also one of the most expensive. However, you can buy ink refills and nib replacements, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune to replace the tag if it runs out or becomes damaged. Copic tags are available for purchase as individual tags or in sets. Copic makes three different colored pens:

  1. COPIC CLASSIC It has a large, square barrel and features a chisel head and bullet head. You can also buy a bunch of different types of tips to customize your tag. They come in the following groups: 12And the 36And the 72 AAnd the 72 b And the 72 c.

  2. kobek drawing It has an oval barrel and comes in over 358 colors! They have a chisel and brush tip (also known as a super brush tip) which is perfect for blending. They come in these groups: 12And the 24And the 36And the 72 AAnd the 72 b And the 72 c.

  3. Cuban Chow This scope is designed for beginners and has the lowest barrel size. These have a chisel head and a brush head, and come in the shape of starter group As well as the following groups: 12And the 24And the 36 AAnd the 36 bAnd the 36 cAnd the 36 dAnd the 72 AAnd the 72 b.

Ohohu Alcohol tabs are a more budget friendly option and still provide excellent quality. It’s cheaper than Copics and also has a double tip. Ohuhu collections feature basic, medium, pastel and skin tone palettes, and often come with a colorless blender. Kits are packaged in a travel-friendly zipper bag and have colorful lids.

Ohuhu’s Honolulu set contains dual brush and chisel heads and comes in sets of 24And the 48And the 72And the 120And the 168And the 216. They come too pastel And the skin colour groups! If you don’t want a brush head, Oahu’s set includes a chisel and double soft tip and comes in sets of 40And the 60And the 80And the 100And the 120And the 160 And the 200.

Shuttle art Tags are another inexpensive colored tag. They have a double chisel and a thin tip and are great for beginners. These pens are non-toxic and come in a zippered case for storage. They are of good quality, have bright pigments, come with a blender pen and come in sets of 30And the 50And the 60And the 88And the 100And the 120And the 171 And the 204.

piano Markers are a mid-budget option and great for blending. It doesn’t dry as quickly as other alcohol-based markers, which gives you more time to work on your layers. Precision Markers and Chisels come in sets of 36And the 72 And the 168while chisel and brush pens come in sets of 72.


Water-based markers are a cheaper alternative to alcohol-based markers. Being aqueous, it is less toxic and usually odorless. They provide good color coverage and are less likely to seep through the paper, making them ideal for use in coloring books. Water-based pens are sometimes marketed as watermarks, due to the effect the watercolors they produce on paper.

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