Make Deep Fried Doll Food

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        Every doll Diner serves the traditional fried foods of the 1950s. These include paper trays of onion rings and french fries. Below you can see that I cut our doll’s paper trays from recycled egg cartons.

Left, are the paper food containers cut from egg cartons. Right are the finished deep
fried, single servings of popular, Diner fast foods served in the 1950s.


       After cutting out the egg carton parts, I then painted the interiors with white acrylic paints and decoupaged the exteriors with a printed scrapbook paper. The onion rings and French fries are shaped from Sculpey, painted with acrylics and glued inside the paper containers. Then I sealed the fauve fried foods with Mod Podge and sprinkled these with transparent glitter to make them look salty.

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