Make a traditional wooden rocker for a Barbie…

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This traditional clothespin rocker is large enough for 10-, 11-, and 12-inch dolls. It is made of spring clothespins. However, the springs must be separated from the wooden parts before hot-gluing them together. You could use wood glue instead, but then you’ll also need small clamps to hold the parts in place while they dry and also loads of patience!

Above, you can see that I painted the rocker for the clothespin green after the hot glue let go
overnight treatment. On the right I have included two
Fashion designers to give readers an idea of ​​size.

Check out the photos:

Above are views of the traditional rocking chair from the front, side, and back. look
In the pictures carefully to mark how many screws you will need and where to stick them
together. Click on the image to see close-up photos.

Above is the rocker bottom and on the right is the rocker feet detail.

On the left, the rocking chair from the side and on the right, the doll is sitting inside the rocking chair.

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