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Assemble a book the size of a small doll: Below, is an illustration of ducklings and hair. Visitors can collect all the illustrations and verses of the birds “bird children” To print and build a little book of poetry for their dolls. Simply drag each png file. In the Word document, print, cut out all the pictures to the same size and staple the pages together at the left edge. Squeeze some white school glue along the pointed edge of the pages and attach a cardboard cover.

Collect all the cleaned pages and scale them to make a thumbnail
Book for your dolls

The yellow duck said to his brother:

Come on, let’s hide away from my mother.

And he said, “Oh, my dear.” no!

It better not be, she worries.

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Breeding ducklings to swim

“Come, children,” said Mrs. Duck one fine morning to her little ones, “I will take you to the pond in the orchard, and you will have your first swimming lesson.”
So the whole family walked a lot in the grove, and soon they were swimming in the cool water.
“Isn’t it beautiful!” one of the ducklings cried out excitedly.
Another said: “Much better than expected.”
“Aren’t you glad we’re little ducks, and not silly little chickens?” said a third. “Mother says they are afraid of water!”
“I think it’s delicious,” added a fourth, wagging his wings and splashing the water over the others, “and I’d stay here for hours and hours.”
“Do we have a race to the other side?” One of the children suggested after a while.
All the others agreed that it would be a great fun race, and started far away, and were only half way when Madame Duck called to them, and said it was time for them to leave the pond and go home.
So they went far across the field to the farm, where supper was ready and waiting for them.
“I’m sure you’ll all be up for something after the two lessons,” said Madame Duck, smiling. Henry Altmus Company.

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