Craft a Crayon Caddy Cake For a Birthday Surprise!

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My Birthday Cake Caddy is decorated with
Swimming ducks, rosebuds, fake candy
beads. Holds a large number of crayons!
When a child deposits most of his or her
Her crayons, “birthday candles” will stand
top right. Your child may be more inspired by it
Clean his crafting station from what they are now
color! This is the first…

Here’s a clever crayon can to make for a special friend, sibling or yourself. You will need to grab real cake from a bakery or grocery store to recycle the plastic cake container. But this is fun too!
The supplies you will need for this awesome DIY are: papier mache, acrylic paints, air dry clay, chocolate/candy molds, masking tape, Mod Podge, and a recycled cake container shaped like a real cake.

We hope your little one will be inspired to clean up more often, if they are rewarded with a gorgeous cake with candles each time they color.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Clean out a recycled plastic cake pan.
  2. Cover the entire outer dome with duct tape.
  3. Using a pencil, mark and then cut the holes in the top of this enclosure at the top of the dome. I cut five holes.
  4. Shape the air-dry clay using the chocolate moulds. Let this decoration dry completely and then stick it on top of the cake wherever you want it.
  5. Cover the surface of the remaining dome with the paper mache. Mix and apply this pulp as directed by the manufacturer. The fake cake dome should be left out in the warm sun and given enough time to harden. Depending on where you live, this drying time could take a couple of days or even a week.
  6. Paint the surface of the fake birthday cake the way you like it using acrylic paints.
  7. Surface seal with Mod Podge.
On the left, what the birthday cake box looks like inside. Central holes at the top of this clever
The craft box is large enough to fill dozens of crayons through it. Right, what does the box look like
Like when they are filled with crayons, a surprise birthday cake!

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