The Little Women Rag Babies

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The Little Women dolls are made of fabric and soft wigs.

Years ago, Louisa M. Alcott wrote a story book called Little Women. It has been a favorite book ever since. The story was about four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March. These modem dolls are dressed to look like sisters. Amy, the younger sister, is standing in front of the piano. She loved to draw and paint. Meg, short for Margaret, was the eldest. She was the delicate, gentle type who was never known to lose a glove or look untidy. Meg stands behind Amy. Elizabeth, aka Beth, was the cute little sister who wasn’t feeling well. She loved music and practiced faithfully on an old rattle trap for the piano. At length, she came to play very well. She was the type who never got tired of playing around when asked. One day, Beth gets a new, beautiful piano for her. In this photo, Beth is sitting at the piano.

Josephine, called Jo by everyone except her crusading aunt, is the doll with the apron. I love writing stories. And you did really well at that. The hard part for Jo was gaining the courage to take her stories to the editors. But she made herself go, and sold some of her stories.

The big cat sleeping comfortably in the chair belongs to Beth.

Little Women is the story of the Civil War days. This is why this photo looks old fashioned.

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