How to fold a washcloth bunny…

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The doll loves to fold a doll-sized towel bunny into a welcoming friend for their Easter guests. Why not put this decorative pink bunny under a guest bed with a few small chocolates inside your dollhouse this year?

Left, finished in front of the towel bunny.
Right, the hare’s back end.

Support list:

  • small towel
  • two googly eyes
  • A medium-sized white bead for the tail
  • Small pink pom pom for the nose
  • One rubber band
  • tacky craft glue
  • decorative tape
  • needle and thread (optional)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Simply fold the towel in half to form a triangle, matching up the corners.
  2. Then roll it into a long narrow tube starting at the corner of the central triangle.
  3. Fold the roll in half.
  4. Now fold the end pieces back towards the back side of the rabbit and wrap a rubber band around the end where the ears are to form the face.
  5. Take out the bunny ears.
  6. Glue the medium pom pom to the bunny pom.
  7. Glue eyes on either side of the head and a small pink eye on the tip of the bunny’s nose.
  8. Stitch on a piece of ribbon to cover the elastic band and/or tie a bow.
To the left, look at the rabbit from a side view. In the middle, look at the bulging ears.
Look right at the back side of the bunny with the tail of the bum.

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