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Kids can make their own simple sofa, armchair and table below using empty recycled matchboxes. These are sold in large packages at most dollar stores in the United States. They will need 6 matchboxes for the sofa, 4 for the armchair and 3 for the sofa table. I also cut out extra cardboard for the sofa table top to give it a smoother finish so the faux wood shelf paper would stick as well. I also covered the sides of each sofa and chair with the same mantel paper in order to style them after mid-century modern designs. The colors: orange, brown, pink and green combined are 1965-1970.

The leftmost rocker is from a furniture set, but I thought it would be nice to cover it in
Matching striped paper with the living room sofa and side chair. I also made a small orange
A pillow using a baby sock for the couch.

Below is a picture of how I chose to assemble the little boxes using white school glue and masking tape. You can’t see that the sofa and chair back cushions are placed slightly at an angle in order to give the dolls more room to sit. After letting the glue dry, I chose to cover the lightweight doll furniture with decorative paper, tacky shelf paper, and school glue.

Above you can see the ‘how’ I put matchboxes to make
Dollhouse furniture.

I left a drawer free of glue and tape to open in the center of the sofa table. Then stick a hot bead in the center of the tray so that it can be easily pulled open for small magazines etc…

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