Make A Miniature Rose Trellis

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       Here’s how to craft miniature trellis for your dollhouse or fairy garden. Gather wooden skewers, paper covered wire and some tiny little flowers together with a bottle of white school glue to make the versions depicted in my daughter’s doll house below.

Left, the taller of the two rose trellis to be displayed on her pink dollhouse flip.
Center, the shorter trellis is propped against the cottage behind the wire wheelbarrow.
Right, my daughter wrapped rose vines about her dollhouse bannisters on the front porch.

 Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut two equal lengths of wooden skewers to the hight you desire your dollhouse rose trellis to be. 
  2. Paint the skewers to match the brown, paper-wrapped wire.
  3. Next wrap the wire back and forth between the two wooden skewers to shape any pattern you wish. The two samples above are wrapped in a zig-zag pattern up to the tops of the skewers then, arch shapes extensions were bent above the top of the larger trellis to give it added height. 
  4. Using the white glue attach the tiny roses randomly to the trellis. 
  5. Try twisting small pieces of wire around a pencil to then wrap more decorative vine between the trellis openings.

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