John, The Doorstep Baby Doll

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John, an orphan doll.

John, the doorstep baby, was left on Ann’s doorstep on Christmas Eve years earlier. Anne was helping to prune the tree when there was a ring at the door.

All the excitement, Ann flew to the door. When she opened it she saw fresh footprints in the snow, and this sweet baby in an old-fashioned basket. There was a note taped to his blanket. “Please give me a home. I am an orphan,” she wrote. So Anne did.

When Ann John lifted it from his basket, she found a large box wrapped in tissue paper and tied with silver rope at the bottom of the basket.

“What’s in this?” Anne asked, holding her inquiringly.

“Why don’t you open it, my dear, and find out?” Ann’s mother said.

Anne carefully slid the silver wire to secure it. And in the pretty white box there was a whole heap. And everything was just the right size for John.

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