“Little Blossoms” Doll Summer Camp

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Our flower camp for dummies includes lessons below by Katherine Chandler. She has lived, taught, and written several elementary grade science readers based on the flora and fauna of California. Below is the introduction to her book.

“The plants chosen for this book have the simplest flowers, such as can be readily observed by a child from the age of seven years onwards. I have had younger pupils who are quite interested in them. No plant has been fully treated, for that would be too difficult for a child. On the other hand, every fact given is scientifically correct so that children need not correct what the children learn in these pages when they are no longer adult students in their habits of life.
In the lessons, an attempt is made with a proposal to connect the study of nature with other basic subjects: drawing, arithmetic, geography, history, as well as with the study of the life of insects and love of the beautiful. An attempt was also made to extend the interest in plant cultivation into domestic life. If our American civilization is to survive, schools and homes must be more connected. The connecting link is the child. If we can stimulate her to ask questions at home, to be answered by a family member, we are getting a little closer. Elementary school child of questioning age. I think books should be written with some questions for him to answer rather than filling them entirely with pages of information.
If we have young children who are interested in growing things around them, we have given them the gift of inspiration for life. We have opened up a world even more wonderful than Fairyland for them. And what are fairies after all? They are nothing but the creations of our imagination, given to us by the powers we have. They are only human beings who have risen to transcendence. But now this plant is cool. A small brown seed goes into the ground – sometimes by its own action – and develops into a beautiful flower of graceful shape and wonderful colouring. We couldn’t imagine the miracle of plant growth. Yet it is a reality that lurks all around us and our eyes need only open to enjoy it.”
Catherine Chandler.

Lessons for “Little Blossoms” Doll Camp: almost!

  1. Buttercup: Lesson 1
  2. Buttercup: Lesson 2
  3. parts of a flower
  4. Anemone
  5. cream cup
  6. Baby-Blue-Eyes: Lesson 1
  7. Baby-Blue-Eyes: Lesson 2
  8. Wild Hollyhock
  9. Villari
  10. Lettuce
  11. Wild portulaca
  12. White forget-me-not
  13. wall flower
  14. shooting star
  15. Trillium
  16. Iris: Lesson 1
  17. Iris: Lesson 2
  18. Blue eyed grass
  19. Fritillaria
  20. soap roots
  21. azalea
  22. Johnny Jump-Up: Lesson 1
  23. Johnny Jump-Up: Lesson 2
  24. Spring farewell
  25. Wild cucumber

flower/garden themed doll crafts:

The Flower Children Garden Crafts and Flower Dolls – Mini pages for kids to download and print a book for their dolls to read aloud, in simple verse. In addition to new crafts, poems and stories about flowers are also included in these publications as I find them in the archives.

More flower poetry:

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