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Cover illustration for “Children of the Birds”

Each of the following birds contains a poem by Elizabeth Gordon and at least one example of a printable paper doll and coloring page, or a doll craft based on drawings by M.T. Ross in “Children of Birds” Both the author and illustrator of this vintage book wrote Introduction:

Birds are but another expression of God’s love, and we are told that not even a sparrow will fall to the ground without notifying the Father.

Birds are poetry that comes alive and listens to music. If you should stand on the edge of the woods at sunset and hear the birds sing their good night songs, then listen to the sleepy little melody that grew fainter and fainter until the silence came, and then as the dusk deepened you should hear the night birds begin their sad songs, you would realize how Our beautiful world without birds would be in a different place.

Even in big cities we always have some birds. The saucy little sparrow, who comes so boldly and begs for crumbs at your window, loves cities most.

Only very thoughtless people, or those who do not understand, will harm or frighten the bird.

They are real little people, and I am sure that when you get to know them you will love them as much as you learned to love flower children.

Publishers and authors have received many letters from parents praising flower babies for their educational features, and from children, demanding “more” of delightful playmates, offering “bird brothers and sisters,” believing that “flower babies” will welcome visitors like “cousins.” Fields and garden little ones.

The author and artist would like to thank the children for their many expressions of care and loyal support.” Elizabeth Gordon and M.T. Ross

Albatross * Goldfinch * Ostrich * Starling * American Redstart * Goose * Parakeet * Stork * Baltimore Oriole * Gosling * Bird * Storm Bird * Barn Owl * Gray Parrot * Peacock * Swan * Swallow * Green Jade * Pelican * Turkey * Blackbird * guinea fowl * penguin * turkey hawk * blue heron * hen * Phoebe Bird * Crimson Flycatcher * blue jay * indigo bunting * puffin * weak-willed whip * bluebird * ivory-billed woodpecker * purple martin * woodpecker * bob OR -Link * Jenny Wren * Quail * Yellow Warbler * Brown Thrasher * King Bird * Red Paradise Bird * Canary Bird * King Fisher * Red-Shafted Flicker * Cardinal Bird * Laughing Gull * Robin * Cassowary * Least Sandpiper * Rook * Catbird * Long-Billed Curlew * Rooster * Chickadee * Loon * Roseate Spoonbill * Cockatoo * Lyre Bird * Ruby-Throated Humming Bird * Cow-Bird * Magpie * Scarlet Flamingo * Crested Flycatcher * Mallard Duck * Scarlet Ibis * Crow * Meadow Lark * Screech Owl * cuckoo * mocking bird * sea dove * duck * mourning dove * snowbird * flying bird * night hawk * snow goose * golden eagle * nightingale * snow heron * golden pheasant * grove oriole * sparrow *

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